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Organizational Targets

Organizational Targets of Lorestan Province Electricity Distribution Company

Reliability evaluation of active distribution networks (ADNs) considering customer satisfaction is studied.

Organizational Tragets: 1- Extending the scope of rendering electronic services to applicants; subscribers and beneficiaries; 2- Improving Quality indices of services quality ( identify, measurement, analysis and suggesting some strategies for making improvement ) ; 3- Promoting quality of customer relationship system ( through opinion poll, analysis ) 4- Accomplish, develop and perusal of Subscribers Integrated System and take advantage of communicative technologies and facilities for rendering service with higher quality in the least period; 5- Implementation of integrated maintenance and exploitation system for networks, post and equipment ( fulfillment of instructions, installing software and necessary actions for reducing electricity outages and continuous process improvements) 6- Implementation of Planning & Engineering Integrated System ( design, project control, supervision, statement, strengthening technical and engineering power, implementing value engineering system) 7- Involve in waste reducing activities suggested in the relevant topics; 8- Implementation of integrated financial and administrative system and controlling relevant processes through mechanization method; 9- Improving financial indices ; 10- Implementation of modern managerial systems for improving working methods ( self-evaluations, strategic planning, efficiency cycle, 6 Sigma, S, etc) 11- Sell some divisions that are transferable ; 12- Updating trainings in line with modern technologies; 13- Facilitate and strengthen the process of transferring potential knowledge to effective knowledge thorough application of knowledge management and knowledge ?oriented management 14- Upgrading training system ( mechanization, effectiveness) ; 15- Upgrading and developing Environment, Safety and Health System; 16- Involving in some activities including consumption management through study of economy potential in different groups, enriching culture, informatics and implementation of some activities for decreasing peak ; 17- Reducing occupational accidents by planning for and management of controlling risks and accidents

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