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History of Electricity Industry in Lorestan


- In 1317, an institution called Raghib will install and operate the first generator in the city of Kormabad.

- In the years 1328 and 1335, Tavakolian companies and Lighting Service Providers become subscribers. In 1349, a network of provinces connects to the national network.

- Before the Revolution, with two 230 kV MVA 160 stations, 7 stations, 63 kV (MVA170) and 30 megawatts of peak traffic, electricity was provided to 37 villages and serviced by 52,000 joint ventures.

- In 40 years of revolution, a 400-kV station, 4 230 kV stations and 39 stations in the province have been added, and by the end of December 1396, Lorestan province has 1 400 kV station, 6 stations 230 kV, 46 stations 63 kV, length The medium and low pressure network is 15213 km, the number of ground and aerial posts is 20,166 units, 2673 electricity and peak villages are 597 megawatts.

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